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Ice Dams

Ice Dams and Winter Storm Damage

This winter has been especially harsh. The extremely low temperatures and the unusually large snow fall puts a lot of stress on your roof. The potential for damage is higher under these conditions.

To protect your home and prevent or limit damage, you should look for signs of problems. If you can, take a look at your roof from the inside and out. Here are things to look for from the outside:
  • Ice dams
  • Ice underneath and lifting shingles
  • Signs of water leakage such as streaking down the side of the house
  • Signs of uneven heat loss - melting in some areas, frozen in others
  • Hail damage
  • Missing/torn off shingles
  • Sagging boards
  • Buckling/wavy shingles
  • Cracked and damaged flashing around chimneys and stacks
Also, take a look at your roof from the attic. Here are things to look for from the inside:
  • Water dripping
  • Water stains on rafters
  • Damp Insulation or damp spots
  • Sagging boards (also check from the outside))
  • Signs of mold and mildew
  • Dampess and poor air circulation
If you see any of the signs above, or if you would like to have a professional inspect your roof, contact J-Saf Roofing to schedule a free inspection. We can help determine the state of your roof and come up with repair or replacement options to meet your budget and needs.
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Contact J-SAF at 586-598-8880 (or use the contact us form) for help with ice dams and other signs of roof damage.
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